tokyo | august.2015

So.. I'm super late on these posts, but I've had projects up the butt until Christmas and so I've been taking this Christmas day to clean up some photos from the last 4 months and wanted to share my trip to Tokyo first. 

This was my first time in Tokyo even though I've spent a good chunk of my life only a 4-hour flight away, and despite having been to Seoul a few times to visit family, Tokyo was just different.

This was the first leg of a 6-week long trip to Asia for me, and besides the airplane tickets and the airbnb, my friends and I had about zero plans set for our short weekend in Tokyo. Prior to departing, I got the scoop from homies like Bourdain, D.Chang, etc, and plenty of friends told us places to see, things to do, foods to eat, but for real, 3 days wasn't going to be enough and we knew that. As long as I got my food game on, I was good. 

The highlight of the trip would have to be when we visited the Tsukiji Fish Market and we made it safe and sound thanks to Google Translate. We spent the entire first morning we were in town walking through the seemingly endless market and looked for interesting places to stop.

Other stops included the famous Shibuya Crosswalk, a giant Hello Kitty department store, and the infamous robot cabaret in Kabukicho. 

Take a second to look through the photos and if you have it in your heart, forgive me for being almost 4 months late to post these. :P